Ande Barrett-Hegan Contemporary Ceramincs and Paintings  
To create using clay and paint is related to their tactile qualities and therefore to the possibilities of spontaneous expressiveness. A passion for form, colour and mood is also a strong incentive.

In clay I make decorated tableware with the intention of imbuing specialness and ritual into everyday objects.

The sculptural forms have textured surfaces painted with engobes and oxides, and they are fired in a reduced atmosphere to show the process. My aim here is to achieve a timeless quality and to give a balance between feeling and the movement of space.

The paintings are inspired by surroundings, environment, memories, and influences by those artists who have opened up new perceptual avenues. I am currently working on abstract compositions which subtely allude to identifiable imagery as I endeavour to evoke some intuitive response.

Ande Barrett-Hegan

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